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userinfo by angelalpev
Nick is cynical, a pessimist, sarcastic, blunt, and well, it's probably just easier to call him an asshole. He doesn't play nice with others, especially if they get on his nerves. He's used to going it alone and he doesn't trust just anybody. He just doesn't have a choice this time considering he can't fight off hordes of zombies on his own.

He pokes fun of Ellis constantly, making fun of his accent and where he comes from, but he isn't above showing a little appreciation on occasion. During Dark Carnival, when Ellis apologizes for not being able to drive their stock car over miles of cars, he does tell him not to sweat it. Sometimes when Ellis dies in game, he'll even say, "Y'know all those things I said about you, Ellis? I was joking..."

He teases Coach the same way, usually poking fun of his weight. He can definitely stand Coach far more than Ellis though. Sometimes when he dies, he'll even say, "You were a hell of a man, Coach."

Rochelle is the only one he seems to act softer towards, not screaming at her unless she shoots him. He can even act somewhat flirtatious towards her, that ladies man side of him coming out. He definitely has an appreciation for women or at least, the female form.

He's also highly materialistic. His biggest concern in the zombie apocalypse? The bastards messing up his three thousand dollar suit. After all, he mentions knowing how to get brains out of a suit, but not swamp water or Spitter goo. He won't elaborate on why or how he knows this though and that's probably for the best. You can bet he's had run-ins with the law though and mentions to the others that he hopes they don't mind that he isn't legally allowed to own a gun in the US. hmdic contactapp

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